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We specialise in assisting sustainable and ethical companies in communication and marketing. 

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The three pillars that ensure succes everytime.

How we tackle the greatest challenges



We notice that marketing-related tasks are a burden to many companies. By trusting us with these tasks, your employees can focus on their main tasks, and your company can thrive. 



For years we have been helping companies on the field of communication. By continuously studying trends and the field of sustainability, we can deliver great results. 



This is not only the field we operate in, but also our philosophy. Many companies focus on ensuring a better tomorrow, and we are delighted to help them.

Jip Lukkien Founder SocialSaga

"Effective marketing requires understanding your business. We work with you to ensure your customers do too."

Jip Lukkien, Founder at SocialSaga

With the acquisition of Jip and SocialSaga, our marketing efforts received a significant boost. Their fresh perspective and expertise led to the successful launch of a new website and LinkedIn page. Our followers have doubled, and the innovative content on our "careers" page has improved HRM team efficiency. SocialSaga is a valuable addition, highly recommended for entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their online presence.
Gerben Hilboldt
CEO Koolen Industries Products Group

Our Mission

Many companies concern themselves with creating a better future, and sustainability is bigger than ever. We think these stories deserve to be told, stimulating growth. 

How can we help?

We are based on the CleanTech Campus TheGreenBox in Hengelo. Come by for a nice cup of coffee, or give us a call! We are looking forward to tell your story.

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